Ethical fashion


Our garments are NOT factory-produced – they are carefully handcrafted by professional seamstresses in the townships around Cape Town. We empower local women to work from home and get the freedom to manage their own time and get fair salaries. Our intention is to create fair jobs within the textile industry, contributing to bring it back the important role it once played in the past in South Africa. Every time you buy a WEWE garment, you are directly helping these disadvantaged women to become independent entrepreneurs.

Making any WEWE garment is a very manual process – it requires to delicately study the right alignment between cutting lines and garment patterns design on any single new African print being used.
Every week, we meet  with each sewer in their homes or – when it´s too dangerous to get there –  in a coffee shop in Town. We catch up, drop pieces of fabrics and get the new garments from last week. We get very small amounts of garments every week as they can´t absorb much production.

All our ladies are in love with the prints and they feel very enthusiastic working on such colorful fabrics. The African Print seems to speak to all of us, cheering up and toasting for life.  Every week, same way they are looking forward to get the new fabrics, we remain expectant and excited waiting to see how the new designs came out.

We are an ethical fashion project supporting African trade across different countries and we work very closely with any person involved in the process of making this African fashion; from our fabrics providers to our dearest streamesess and customers. There are many personal stories of love, fear and  joy ; challenges and life experiences that we share. This is indeed the most rewarding and beautiful experience of  making this African clothing together .