I don’t remember exactly when or where I first saw them … I just know that ever since, those African print hypnotized me.

There are different types, origins and qualities of African fabric, however  all them share the liveliness and exaltation of color – it  looks like they reflect the vitality and the provocative personality of the people who wear them.

During my time in Africa I have witnessed the role that the African fabric plays in the lives of many people. In rural areas in Mozambique for example, they use an African print called Capulana – most women wear several layers of it wrapped around their waists. The Capulana is then used as a skirt, a coat, a tablecloth, a bag to carry the kids or store things, or as an umbrella when it rains.

At WEWE we use original African fabric from different countries of West Africa. We design, cut and sew our clothes in Cape Town and the fabric is imported by traders traveling to South Africa from Senegal, Congo, Ghana, Mali, Togo and Cote d´ Ivoire.

Sourcing  those fabrics is a fascinating  experience in the process of making African clothing.  At least twice a week I walk through my beloved city  of Cape Town to meet with those traders,  trying to find the most unique pieces. We meet at their stores, in their houses or in remote places like parks or the corner of a street where they bring sacs full of them, and every time I just go back home with a very few but special prints I carefully selected.

Because we source our fabrics in that particular way for us is very difficult to find the same print again. Each piece is a special and limited product and it is difficult to reproduce the same garment twice. That makes every WEWE product a UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE piece.  So if you see something you like, you better get it now!!


WEWE is not just an African fashion brand.

It is the purpose of bringing some  African bites to our European lifestyles and putting some African joy and color into our lives. It´s a cultural exchange that wants to tell a story of another place. It´s the fusion of people coming from different countries, cultures races and religions united by the same passion to create something different.

WEWE is not just a garment with ethnic style!!

We are an ethical fashion project and behind each WEWE there is a world we want to share with you.

I truly hope that each piece will portray that inspiration, since this is my way of showing my love, admiration and respect for this continent.

Cristina Mangas Fuentes

Owner & Founder